Your Coventry Application

Specific Terms for Poppy Bond (155) 31.12.2025

The Saving Accounts Terms and Conditions in force and as updated from time to time and these Specific Terms both apply to this Poppy Bond (155) 31.12.2025. If there is any inconsistency between the Saving Accounts Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms, the Specific Terms will apply.

1. Your account

1.1 This account is a Savings Account.

1.2 This account is statement-based.

1.3 You may operate this account in branch, by post, by telephone or online.

2. Account opening

2.1 To open this account:

(a) you must be aged 18 or over;

(b) you must not be a trustee;

(c) there may be no more than two joint account holders.

2.2 If this account is held jointly, we are unable to accept arrangements where both account holders are required to authorise transactions on the account.

2.3 If you wish to make a withdrawal in accordance with Condition 7.2(a), you must provide us with a named UK bank/building society ('Named Bank Account') to be registered for this account for the purposes of making withdrawals or closing the account. You must be named as an account holder on your Named Bank Account.

3. Minimum & maximum balance

3.1 The minimum balance is £1 and the maximum balance is £250,000.

4. Interest

4.1 Until this account matures at the end of 31 December 2025, annual interest will be fixed at 1.20% AER/gross per annum, and monthly interest will be fixed at 1.20% AER and 1.19% gross per annum.

4.2 If paid annually, interest will be paid at the end of 31 December each year. If paid monthly, interest will be paid at the end of the last day of each month.

4.3 Annual interest can be added to this account or paid into a non-ISA account with us. It can also be paid to another UK bank/building society. If annual interest is added to this account you will not have access to it until this account matures. If you would like access to your annual interest, you should request that it is paid electronically to another account.

4.4 Monthly interest cannot be added to this account, and must be paid electronically into a non-ISA account with us. It can also be paid to another UK bank/building society.

5. Deposits

5.1 Your initial deposit and any subsequent deposits must be made (and received by us) either within 14 calendar days of this account being opened or while the account is open to new investors, whichever period is longer. To find out if the account is still open to new investors visit us at a branch, telephone our Customer Service Centre, or visit our website. We will not contact you to inform you when the account is no longer available to new investors.

5.2 Deposits can be made by:

(a) cash at a branch;

(b) cheque at a branch or by post to our central processing centre;

(c) internal transfer from an account with us; or

(d) electronic payment from an account with another bank/building society.

All deposits must be received within the timescales set out in Condition 5.1.

6. Cooling-off period

6.1 A cooling-off period of 14 calendar days applies following the opening of this account. This means that you can withdraw part of your funds or close this account without incurring a charge at any time within 14 calendar days of opening this account. You can do this by calling the Customer Service Centre, visiting a branch or by writing to us at Economic House, PO Box 9, High Street, Coventry, CV1 5QN.

6.2 If you do not close this account during the cooling-off period, it will continue in accordance with the Saving Accounts Terms and Conditions, in force and as updated from time to time, and these Specific Terms.

7. Withdrawals/closure

7.1 After the end of the 14 calendar day cooling-off period (Condition 6.1), withdrawals and closure will not be permitted before this account matures, except in the event of the death of a sole account holder.

7.2 Permitted withdrawals or closure can be made by:

(a) one-off electronic payment to your Named Bank Account;

(b) internal transfer to an account with us; or

(c) cheque by post from our central processing centre.

8. Maturity

8.1 This account will mature at the end of 31 December 2025. We will contact you in writing at least 14 calendar days prior to the maturity date with details of your re-investment and withdrawal options.

8.2 Unless you instruct us otherwise prior to maturity, the funds in this account at maturity will automatically be re-invested into another bond ('re-investment bond').

8.3 The duration of the re-investment bond will either be shorter, the same or no more than six months longer than the duration of this account. The withdrawal rights and notice periods that apply to the re-investment bond, where applicable, will be no less favourable than the equivalent conditions of this account.

8.4 Unless you instruct us otherwise, the frequency of interest payments for the re-investment bond and the account to which interest is paid will be the same as for this account.

8.5 The Named Bank Account that will be registered for the re-investment bond will be the Named Bank Account which was registered for this account, unless you instruct us otherwise.

8.6 You will be able to operate your re-investment bond in the same way as this account.

8.7 If your funds are re-invested into a re-investment bond on maturity, then we will contact you within 7 business days following the maturity date to confirm your re-investment. You will have the option to withdraw from or close your account, in accordance with Condition 7.2, without incurring any charge, within 21 calendar days following the maturity date (i.e. by 21 January 2026).

9. Charitable Donation

9.1 Coventry Building Society will give a charitable donation to The Royal British Legion (Registered Charity no. 219279) equal to 0.20% of the total balances invested in Poppy Bond (155) 31.12.2025 as at the end of business on 31 December 2021. The Royal British Legion will donate a percentage of the donation value to Poppyscotland (Scottish Charity No. SC014096), to reflect the percentage of all Society 'Poppy' accounts held by customers with a Scottish address. This donation made by the Society is separate from the interest you receive. There are no Gift Aid or other tax implications for you.