Your Coventry Application

Specific Terms for Easy Access (Online) (4)

The Saving Accounts Terms and Conditions in force and as updated from time to time and these Specific Terms both apply to this Easy Access (Online) (4). If there is any inconsistency between the Saving Accounts Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms, the Specific Terms will apply.

1. The account

1.1 This account is a Savings Account

1.2 You must be aged 16 or over to open this account. The maximum permitted number of joint account holders is two. If the account is held in joint names, we cannot arrange for both of you to be required to authorise transactions.

1.3 You may only operate this account online (except if you wish to make deposits in accordance with conditions 4.1 (a) and (b)).

1.4 A passbook is not provided with this account.

1.5 You must provide us with a valid e-mail address for each account holder.

1.6 If you wish to make a withdrawal, in accordance with condition 5.1(a), from the account you must give us the details of your Named Bank Account (a UK bank or building society account on which you are named). If, at any time, there is a change to your Named Bank Account details, you must contact us to let us know.

2. Minimum & maximum balance

2.1 The minimum balance is £1 and the maximum balance is £250,000.

3. Interest

3.1 The interest rate for this account is variable. Your current interest rate is stated on our website (, or you can call our Customer Service Centre.

3.2 If you opt to receive annual interest it will be paid on the anniversary of the date that you open the account.

3.3 If you opt to receive monthly interest it will be paid at the end of the last day of each month.

3.4 You may choose to have the interest added to this account or paid into a non-ISA account with us. It can also be paid to another UK bank/building society.

4. Deposits

4.1 Deposits can be made by:

(a) cash at a branch;

(b) cheque at a branch or sent by post to our central processing centre;

(c) internal transfer from an account with us; or

(d) electronic payment from an account with another bank/building society.

5. Withdrawals/closure

5.1 Withdrawals or closure can only be completed online by:

(a) electronic payment to your Named Bank Account (see condition 1.6); or

(b) internal transfer to another suitable account with us.